Our Message of Hope 
Recovery from active chemical dependency is achievable, even for those feeling overwhelmed with despair and hopelessness.

Port Recovery, Inc. currently operates eight recover houses in the Hamilton area of Baltimore City.  Our program provides a structured, clean and safe environment for recovering addicts and alcoholics.  Here, a person can learn to live and function without the use of drugs and alcohol. We offer the opportunity to recover from active addiction by helping our clients become responsible, productive members of soc

At Port Recovery we offer a "wrap-around" concept which includes a variety of programs:
Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for substance abuse counseling, licensed DWI/DUI Program, and our own Mental Health Group
for various types of therapy.

Additional services we provide:
    1. Medication Delivery Program » Port Recovery has arrangements with local Finks Pharmacy for the free delivery of medications to house residents.

    2. On-Site Weekly 12-Step Meetings » Each of our homes has a weekly 12-step mandatory meeting.  While sometimes we invite guest speakers, we also have discussions on relevant topics.  It's up to the house to choose their preferred format.

    3. Spiritual Meetings » Meetings are held weekly at each house and conducted by community spiritual leaders.  It's important to understand this is NOT a RELIGIOUS meeting and only spiritual in nature.

    4. Court/Probation/Parole » Port Recovery will work with any parole, probation or detention department in any jurisdiction for sentencing alternatives (i.e., home detention, sentencing to the program, drug court referrals...)

      Port Recovery also works closely with several attorneys and can refer clients if necessary.
Port Recovery Housing imageWe believe that a person's self-esteem is directly related to their surroundings.  That is why all of the houses are newly-remodeled with central air/heat, cable TV, telephones, washer/dryer and fully equipped kitchens.

Port Recovery offers you the opportunity to continue on your journey of recovery from addiction, by becoming a responsible, productive member of society while living in a safe, drug-free environment.

Intake: 443-463-7524